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Client Profile: Chris Stannard

Envirage Client Profile: Chris Stannard Envirage Client Profile: Chris Stannard

Chris Stannard is the proud owner of several racing Porsches including a 993RS, a 944S2 and a newly restored 964RSR. Envirage has provided technical support to Chris Stannard and team manager, James Devine, at the rounds of the CUE Endurance series and the NSW Production Sports Car championship. At each of the rounds, the car has been equipped with a video datalogger which allows Envirage to compare Chris and his co-driver in terms of speed, driving line, choice of gear, braking points, etc. This has allowed each driver to find gains in both a relative and absolute sense. The handling data obtained has allowed Envirage and the team to optimise each car through the choice of springs, damper settings and wheel alignment settings.

On the 993RS, a detailed analysis on the use of the tyres has also been carried out throughout 2010 and 2011. Through the measurement of tyre temperatures, tyre wear and through critical observations, the manner in which the car uses it's tyres was analysed. This gave the team significant information on the advantages and disadvantages of camber, toe and tyre pressures.

On the 944S2 Envirage has also completed a spring and damper analysis, resulting in the re-rating of the Bilstein dampers for the car. The 944 is now the fastest naturally-aspirated 944 in Australia.

The 964RSR is a new car. Envirage helped James in the restoration of the car. The car is equipped with non-adjustable Bilstein dampers for which Envirage chose the rates. The car completed its shakedown in June of 2012 but has yet to turn a wheel in anger.

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