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Client Profile: Gerry Murphy

Envirage Client Profile: Gerry Murphy

Gerry is the General Manager of MoComm (Motorsport Communications) which is a partner of Envirage. MoComm provides product training and brand awareness for the Envirage Driver-in-the-loop simulator.

Gerry also competes regulary in the NSW Production Touring championship, for which he is the category manager. He is receiving driver coaching from Envirage and Pollicina Motorsports and his efforts recently resulted in his first out-right race win in the category with, what many see as an inferior car.

Gerry also competes alongside Chris Stannard in the Cue Endurance series and has received detailed driver coaching from Envirage. Thanks to his bespoke simulator, built by Envirage, Gerry is improving as a racing driver and test driver at a rapid rate.

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