Speed Strength Safety

Driver Development Program

Driving fast requires skill and courage. Winning races requires mental strength and consistent performance.

We hate it when the team tells the driver that they need to "brake later and accelerate earlier". The key to coaching isn't WHAT needs to be done, it's HOW.

Envirage has worked with racing drivers locally and internationally in circuit racing and rallying. Our experience with professional and amateur drivers means that we can create a development program to help amateurs become professional and help professionals become champions. Our program is based on teaching drivers about self-awareness, preparation and the science of motorsport. We create strategies for improvement, implement the strategies and measure the results.

Elements of the Program:

Technical Awareness

Extend your technical vocabulary

Learn about tyres, suspension, brakes and engines - how to treat them, what to expect from them

Learn about actions and reactions of vehicle setup (wheel alignment, springs, dampers, anti-rollbars, etc.)

Learn how to analyse your lap times, split times and stage times

Understand corner speeds and braking distances

Event Preparation

Envirage Driver Development Envirage Driver Development

Preparing a plan for practice, qualifying and the races

Understand track walking and making track notes

Learn to prepare a useful track map

Analysing road surface qualities, road profiles and types of corners

Writing pace notes

Physical Preparation

Learn to train for strength and endurance

Increase your awareness & alertness

Improve your vision - learn how to look around the corner and over the next hill

Improve your balance through physical and mental training

Improve your left brain - right brain communication

Mental Preparation

State of mind - learn to control your emotions

Self belief - if you don't believe you can win, you never will

Getting "in the zone" - the art of Flow. Learn to get to the same mental state that Senna was at Monaco


Envirage Driver Development

Approach to testing and practice

Qualifying - Learn to prepare yourself and the car for the fastest performance you can

Racing - determine how and when to pass and how to remain focussed for long stints


Envirage Driver Development

Building a team around the driver


Goals and milestones

Career planning


In-house Driver-in-the-loop simulator

Our unique simulator for circuit and rally drivers has every major track in the world and in Australia and a plethora of single seaters, GT's, historic cars and rally cars. Our simulator is not just a tool to learn circuits. With the correct preparation a driver can learn about smooth steering, looking ahead, looking through corners and optimum brake application and release. The sessions also include mental strategies for drivers seeking to learn how to get themselves "in the zone" and how to stay focussed.

Track-side Coaching

Having a coach with you during a test day or race weekend is the ideal situation for the fastest gains. Our coaches will work with your comments and the onboard video to help you with your braking markers, lines and general driving techniques.

Detailed Data Analysis

Envirage's suite of tools allow for 3D track mapping and speed comparison, allowing driving lines, cornering g-forces, braking g-forces and instantaneous speeds to be analysed.

Advice from Professional Drivers

Envirage also has associations with professional racing drivers who can be made available for instructions and vehicle testing and development. Often these racing drivers are used to set a reference fast lap in the same car for comparison or they can sit alongside for immediate instruction.

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