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Project Profile: RP968 at World Time Attack Challenge 2015

        The performance of the RP968 at it's first World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) showed great potential, placing 4th in Pro class with a lap time of 1:26.800.



Envirage was responsible for the race engineering of the car and was the first point of contact with the driver. The feedback from the driver and the data obtained through the sensors were employed to make set up changes to the car to provide better handling characteristics and drivability.

The team of engineers including Sammy Diasinos from Dynamic Aero Solutions obtained valuable data from the array of sensors fitted to the car. Strain gauges fitted to the struts were utilised to output the front and rear downforce generated by the aerodynamics package and hence enabling Sammy to calculate the aerodynamic balance of the car. This value can be employed to make adjustment to the front and rear wing settings to give the car optimal aerodynamic balance and hence better handling characteristics.




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